Avacare Health is an integrated healthcare group serving the African region through the distribution and supply of pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, consumer health and medical equipment


The birth of the Avacare Health Group began in 1996 with a vision to make a difference to the people of Africa. The innate passion and commitment to deliver timeously has helped us make our mark in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arena.

Achieving success is about having drive and we believe that “Yesterday we were good, today we are better and tomorrow we shall be great”. Yet the journey to greatness is not defined by a man’s success, or one company’s success or the success of the Group. Our greatness lies in the ability for us, as a Group, to make a difference to the lives of the people of Africa and for our products and services to be accessible in every part of Africa.

We are a group of dedicated and talented individuals who are passionate in ensuring that each of our efforts leads to the success of our vision. We have a diverse set of skills, competencies and knowledge within the group.

We believe passionately in education and the development of people, not only within the group but across the African continent. It is our collaboration, team effort and the attachment to a common vision that inspires our group to deliver great results.


Supra Healthcare is a SAHPRA approved BBBEE LEVEL 1 company focused on providing turnkey services and solutions to the Healthcare industry. Furthermore, we specialise in the manufacturing, importation and distribution of medical disposables, devices, and consumables.

Since our inception over 26 years ago, our belief in access to affordable quality healthcare has been our success in gaining significant market share in both the private sector where we are preferred suppliers to the large hospital groups in South Africa as well as holding numerous national tenders within the public sector, as we are registered on the central supplier database (CSD) for government.

As a fully accredited company we further boast, ISO 13485 for our manufacturing units and are also ISO 9001 compliant.

25 Years Experience

Our 25 years of medical industry experience, offering modern health care at an affordable price and our cross-border reach makes Supra Healthcare an international leader in the procurement, distribution and manufacturing of medical and surgical consumables.

Long-Term Relationships

This experience allows us to foster long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, business partners, suppliers and employees. The strong relationship developed with our people has seen us grow in a way that has and will continue to make our company strong from the inside, out.


Dr. Vikramkumar Naik - CEO & Founder

Dr. Naik, an anesthesiologist who started his career in the coalface of African hospitals, created a strategic vision which has led to the success and growth of our Group. His vision began with the realisation that Africa required better quality affordable medication and supplies and dedicated his life to ensure the fulfilment of this objective. His extraordinary personal leadership approach has brought, and still brings, people together. It is through our visionary leaders that today, we as a Group, are able to implement ideas into results, translate dreams into reality and transform challenges into successes, not only with one company or country but across the African continent.