The term ‘advanced wound care’ has been given to advanced wound care therapies providing evidence-based care, this includes NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Care Therapy). To be clinically termed ‘advanced wound care,’ a practicing clinician may ask to see the published randomized controlled trial of the product claimed to be ‘advanced.’ Wounds treated in this category of wound care management consist of acute and chronic wounds, including leg, diabetic and pressure ulcers, burns and post-operative wounds. At Supra Healthcare we cover all these aspects of wound care when supplying our advanced wound care range of products to the health care industry.


At Supra Healthcare, we are proud to offer an extensive portfolio of advanced wound care products that include NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Care Therapy).

Our advanced wound care range of products has been clinically evaluated and shown to facilitate healing in the hospital or the home and customer satisfaction. We stock a comprehensive range of products and therapies for a wide variety of wounds. Our product portfolio consists of solutions available across the globe that lead the industry in quality, safety and customer experience.



Primary Wound Contact Layer, Petrolatum or Silicone based

Core Negative Pressure Therapy Dressings
Super Absorbant Dressings

Negative Pressure Therapy Management for Open Abdomens

Hydrogels and Dressings

Full range of specialised Foam Dressings

Negative Pressure Therapy Dressings for Incision ManagementA Protease Modulating Matrix
Acivated Charcoal Dressings

Instillation Negative Pressure Therapy Dressings

Antimicrobial Dressings including Silver and Povidone IodineTherapy Solutions